Explore2fs (Rev: 1.1)

Explore2fs is a free Windows explorer for accessing (read-only) Linux extended (ext2 and ext3) file systems in the Windows pc. It runs under most versions of Windows and is useful when you save your files in Linux and want to access your Linux files in Windows.

Download Explore2fs

You can download the Explore2fs stable version 1.07 (explore2fs-1.07.zip, binary, Windows platform) or higher version, unzip the file, and then double-click the explore2fs.exe to run the program in your Windows pc.


If you save your Linux files in an external USB hardisk with ext2/ext3 file partition, please plug in your USB hardisk to the Windows pc and then run explore2fs.exe to start the explore2fs program. Kindly select File -> Rescan Partitions. You should be able to see your USB hardisk (eg: hdb1) in the explore2fs program. Kindly navigate in the explore2fs program to view your Linux files.

Copy Linux file to Windows system

To copy your Linux file to the Windows system, kindly select the Linux file that you want to copy, right-click and select "Export to..." to copy the selected Linux file to a location in your Windows system.

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