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Sim Lim Square 警戒(けいかい)した店(みせ): Square United.Cam (#02-72)
Beware of Sim Lim Square shop: Square United.Cam (#02-72)

Sim Lim Square Level 2 stores

Sim Lim Square is a famous Electronics and Computer Centre in Singapore. A guy who wished to buy a HD Sony video camera had ended up being convinced to pay $1760 for an inferior Sanyo video camera ($900) with accessories. When he tried to claim a refund, he was verbally abused by the salesman.

You Singaporean?

A day in the life of a typical working class Singaporean named Terry reveals to us many Singaporean characteristics that we do not pay much attention to. This film shows how little things can bring out the "Singaporean-ness" in us, and gives us a good reason to be proud of our country.

Phone Salesman Amazes Crowd - Paul Potts

Paul is a ordinary man like everyone of us. He dreams to become a singer but he lacks confident in himself. Most people tends to judge a person from their look during first impression. Paul shown us that he might not looks handsome but he got talent.

Be Inspired by Nick Vujicic (life without limbs)

Whenever you feel suffering, being treat unfairly, etc, please remember that there is always someone more suffering than you. Nick is a man borns without limbs and his story always inspires me. I hope it can inspires you too !!!!!

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