Apple iTunes and Apple ID account (Rev: 1.0)

To download applications (apps) for Apple iPad, you will need to install Apple iTunes version or higher version in your computer with internet connection and have created an Apple ID account. In iTunes, when you click the iTunes Store, it will automatically prompt you to create an Apple ID account if you have not login with an Apple ID before. Once you have created an Apple ID account, the Apple ID account cannot be deleted and it is recommended that you remove all your personal information from your Apple ID profile instead. More info at "Your Account & Apple ID - Apple Store".

To create an Apple ID account without giving your credit card information, in iTunes, you must make sure you are in the App Store (locates at the center top navigation bar in iTunes), not the iTunes Store [locates at the Left Hand Side (LHS) under "STORE" in iTunes]. More info at "Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card".

Delete credit card information for a created Apple ID account

If you did not provided your credit card information in your Apple ID account, you will still be able to install those free apps from the iTunes Store.
  1. In Apple iTunes v10.1.0.56 or above version, kindly click "Store" -> "View my account".

  2. Enter your created Apple ID and password, and click the "View Account" button.

  3. Under the "Apple Account Information", kindly click the "Edit Payment Information" .

  4. Under the "Payment Method", kindly click to select "None", and finally click the "Done" button.

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