Add 32 bits Samsung ML-4550 printer drivers on Windows 2008 x64 Enterprise OS server (Rev: 1.0)


We have a remote server running Windows 2008 x64 Enterprise Operating System (OS). A Samsung ML-4550DN printer is installed and shared at this remote server. When we tried to install “Additional Drivers...” of the Samsung printer for the 32 bits Windows 2000 or XP OS under the “x86 processor (Type 3 – User Mode)”, an error message of “Please provide path to Windows Media (x86 processor)” pop up and is asking for the ntprint.inf file from the i386 folder of the Windows media (x86 processor). As the server is installed with Windows 2008 x64 Enterprise OS, it does not has an i386 folder on the media.

  1. Please login to a 32 bits Windows XP/Vista/2008 computer (example: localx86PC) with administrator right.

    Please download the 32 bits Samsung ML-4551ND PS printer drivers for Win98/ME/2K/XP/2003/X64 OS version 1.61 or higher version into the localx86PC (assume Win XP OS). Extract the printer drivers to a folder, example: d:\SamsungPostScriptDriver.

  2. At the localx86PC, kindly click Start -> Run.
    Type \\remoteServerName (replace remoteServerName with your remote server name). Then, double-click on the remote share printer (example: Samsung ML-4550 Series PS) at the remote server to install the remote share printer to your localx86PC.

  3. A window prompt entitle "Connect to Printer" with the below content appears:
    "You are about to connect to a printer on remoteServerName, which will automatically install a printer driver on your machine. Printer drivers may contain viruses or scripts that can be harmful to your computer. It is important to be certain that the computer sharing this printer is trustworthy. Would you like to continue ?"
    -> Click "Yes" to continue.

    Another window prompt entitle "Connect to Printer" with the below content appears:
    "The server for the 'Samsung ML-4550 Series PS' printer does not have the correct printer driver installed. If you want to search for the proper driver, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and contact your network administrator or original equipment manufacturer for the correct printer driver."
    -> Click "OK" to search for the printer driver.

  4. After that, a window prompt entitle "File needed: Printer driver INF for Samsung ML-4550 Series PS" appears:
    "The file '*.INF' on (unknown) is needed."
    -> Kindly click the "Browse" button to copy the printer drivers files from the folder where you have extracted the downloaded printer drivers, example:

  5. At the localx86PC, kindly click Start -> Printers and Faxes. Select the Samsung ML-4550 Series PS printer that we have just installed, right click on it and choose Properties. Click the Sharing tab. Then, kindly click the “Additional Drivers...” button.

    At the “Additional Drivers...” prompt, kindly click the Intel Environment (Windows 2000 or XP) selection box (default Installed is "No"). Click OK and the Samsung x86 printer drivers for Windows 2000 or XP will be uploaded to the remote server running Windows 2008 x64 Enterprise OS.


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