DriverPacks for Windows Vista/7 (x64) [Rev: 1.0]

Each DriverPack is a package of drivers for a particular category of hardware. More info from (Win7 x64 drivers). Please surf to download "md5deep and hashdeep" (for Windows OS) software to check the MD5 checksum.

Below are the DriverPacks for Windows Vista/7 (x64) only:

DriverPack Mass Storage v12.12.1 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)
DP_MassStorage_wnt6-x64_12121.7z (4,034,194 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: 99095e8f9e8b775f6e07e5723907df0a

DriverPack Chipset v12.12 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)
DP_Chipset_wnt6-x64_1212.7z (6,505,668 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: abc8a0696eee5e44c85ef44e23b36908

DriverPack LAN v12.08 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)
DP_LAN_wnt6-x64_1208.7z (13,697,053 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: 4cb48a242081ea4062547163f8791d2b

DriverPack WLAN 12.03 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)
DP_WLAN_wnt6-x64_1203.7z (15,475,889 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: 59a2552d44c158b64bbf810a2e324fe2 

DriverPack Graphics A 12.03 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)
DP_Graphics_A_wnt6-x64_1203.7z (219,623,625 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: 2eb8f26ffb049eda8f2fb73df23181f3

DriverPack Graphics B 12.03 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)
DP_Graphics_B_wnt6-x64_1203.7z (308,361,426 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: 3adb2a3296c0d20de37ffd1edc4a4065

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