Save electricity tips (Rev: 1.0)

Set air-con temperature to 25 degree celsius. If a room has switched on the air-con, gather everybody inside there. Avoid switching on individual room air-con. Use fan instead of air-con because fan consumes less electricity energy than air-con.

Change all bulbs to energy-saving bulbs. Switch off the bulb when not in use. Switch on 1 bulb only unless you need to read something.

Buy those clothing that need not iron.

Cloth-drying machine (干洗机)
Stop using the cloth-drying machine. Dry washed clothing under the sun.

Hair dryer
Avoid bathing at night and washing your head so that you need not have to dry your hair using the hair dryer.

If you have more than 1 refrigerators, change to a bigger size refrigerator. Clear unnecessary things inside the refrigerator so that it does not need to use more electricity energy to maintain the temperature.

Switch on the television only when need. Switch off the television when not watching. When watching CD/DVD drama show, gather those interested to watch together at the same time.

Washing machine
Gather all the clothing and wash together once per day. Avoid individual washing of clothing a few times per day.

Bath early so that you don't have to switch on the water heater.

  • Switch off the power supply switch when not in use. Leave the switch on will set your equipment in standby mode and will still consumes small amount of electricity energy.

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