Japanese dictionaries (Rev: 1.33)

Online dictionaries and eDictionary (edict) for Japanese language

I have bought a few dictionaries (The Kenkyusha Japanese-English learner's dictionary, A new dictionary of Kanji usage, Practical Japanese-English-Chinese dictionary, etc) but sometimes it cannot find the meaning of certain Japanese words. I find the below online websites dictionaries useful:

Apple iPad/iPhone Free Japanese Dictionary

If you have bought an Apple iPad/iPhone, you can download the free Japanese Dictionary, imiwa? (Japanese dictionary) (v3.1.1 or higher version for iPhone/iPad, 187 MB, By Pierre-Phi di Costanzo). More info at my blog, Apple iPad.

NJStar Japanese Word Processor

You can also try the NJStar Japanese Word Processor because it has a powerful Japanese-English dictionary function and its Japanese-English edict can be updated. There are other free Windows software that use the edict but I have not try it yet.

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