Unpleasant website subscription encounter with Network Solutions (Rev: 1.0)

I subscribed to Network Solutions (charge US$89.62 for 1 year plan) to setup a website on 23/4/2010. From 23/4/2010 (Friday) to 24/4/2010 (Saturday), I had problem securely transferring my files (using Ws_FTP Pro and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4) to their server using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) . Hence, I decided to cancel my subscription on 25/4/2010 (Sunday) by login to their website to submit my request (request no: #1-462076725).

Bernadeth001 from Network Solutions responded to my cancellation request on 28/4/2010 (Wednesday) requesting me to submit a pre-authenticated service request that required me to login to their website to submit the cancellation request again.

I did it on 28/4/2010 or 29/4/2010 (if I remember this date correctly as I successfully submitted online but did not received their acknowledgement email for that submission ?). I was still charged US$89.62 for the Network Solutions subscription on my credit card bill. Interest charge was imposed because I did not pay for the Network Solutions subscription on my credit card bill.

As I received no response from the Network Solutions, I email Network Solutions on their email address customerservice@networksolutions.com on 7/5/2010 to ask about my cancellation status but the email failed because it is not an active email address. I realized that the only way to communicate with Network Solutions is either to login to their website and submit their online form, or call their support number which I did not try because of the oversea call charges.

Hence, I login to Network Solutions website again on 7/5/2010 to send my request for the update status of my cancellation request. 1 month plus had passed, I still received no response from Network Solutions.

"Our Customer Service Specialists will investigate your inquiry and send you a response within 1 business day." This "...response within 1 business day" promise from their acknowledge email seems like a joke to me.

Another unpleasant experience was that Network Solutions keeps sending their advertisement email to me despite that I had send my unsubscribe request online (http://www.networksolutionsunsubscribe.com/) twice to them.

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