Solved Joshua Preshell: x:\i386\system32\Profiles.exe not found error (Rev: 1.0)

When running the Ultimate Boot CD from a MultiBoot DVD, it shown a pop-up error during login stage:

Joshua Preshell
x:\i386\system32\Profiles.exe not found

The Profiles.exe (125908 bytes) already existed in the x:\i386\system32 directory in the MultiBoot DVD.The "Profiles.exe not found" error is caused by the use of "Joliet" (encode Joliet Unicode filenames) option during the creation of the MultiBoot DVD .iso image. Hence, do not use the "Joliet" option during the creation of the MultiBoot DVD .iso image and the "x:\i386\system32\Profiles.exe not found" error will disappear.

If you are using cdimage.exe (v2.47, 110085 bytes) to create your MultiBoot DVD .iso image, you can use the below command options (kindly avoid using -j1 or -j2 Joliet options):


cdimage.exe options:

-l = Volume label
-h = include hidden files and directories
-n = allow long filenames (longer than DOS 8.3 names)
-o = optimize storage by encoding duplicate files only once
-m = ignore maximum image size of 681,984,000 bytes
-b = "El Torito" boot sector file, no spaces

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