Solved mobilemeservices.exe error when starting Microsoft Outlook 2010 in WinXP SP3 OS (Rev: 1.0)

When starting Microsoft Outlook 2010 in the Windows XP SP3 Professional Operating System (OS), there is always a MobileMe Services error:

MobileMe Service has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If you are in the middle of something, the information you were looking on might be lost.

If you click for more information about this error, it will shown the below error signature:
AppName: mobilemeservices.exe
ModName: kernel32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.6293
Offset: 00012fd3

  1. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, kindly click File > Options.

  2. Please click Add-Ins. Under "Manage: COM Add-ins" at the bottom of the screen, kindly click the "Go..." button.

  3. On the pop up COM Add-Ins window, kindly un-check the "MobileMe Outlook Add-in" & click the "OK". Please restart Microsoft Outlook 2010.


Uncle Pete said...

Just tried your suggested fix and had an instant cure.
A great big THANK YOU for getting rid of this headache.
Uncle Pete

Luis Joaquim said...

Hi Jack
I am working with Outlook 2010 (Vista). Tried your suggestion. Magic Stuff. Now it works perfect. You're a Star but i give 10/10.
Thank you
Luis...Durban...South Africa

Stacey - Houston, TX said...

Fantastic. Thank you much.

Anonymous said...

Not only was your solution correct, but your instructions were clear, concise, and correct (not to mention polite). Thanks very much.

Eran Shemesh said...

i have outlook 2003 and it doesnt work... any suggestion?

Jack Ng said...

Hi Eran,

In Microsoft Outlook 2003 and older version, the "COM Add-ins" dialog is at Tools > Options > Other Tab > Advanced Options button. Hope it help.
[Reference from]


ABigCoyote - Virginia said...

Jack, you the man!!!

Using Outlook 2010 (Windows 7). Tried your solution and it solved the problem. Thanks for the clear straightforward instructions.

Glad I found your blog!

megan said...

am on outlook 2007 any suggestions? re mobileme

Jack Ng said...

For Outlook 2007, please try Tools > Trust Center > Add-ins > Active Application Add-ins. Hope it help.

Kevin said...

Thanks jack.
Using outlook 2007. Got to the end of your advice and was
told only able to be deleted by the administrator. This
is a home computer and I am only user. How do I get past
this? Thanks

Jack Ng said...

Hi Kevin,

Please go to Control Panel > User Accounts to check whether your login account is an administrator account. Thanks.

Allan Symons said...

THANK YOU JACK !!! June 6, 2017

With Outlook 2007 this nuisance has bugged me for more than a year. Finally FREE of it after your excellent tutelage.


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