Rip music using Windows Media Player (Rev: 1.1)

My niece asked me on how to rip music from the music CD and store it as mp3 format in her (Windows XP OS) computer so that she can transfers the mp3 music to her handphone later. You can use Windows Media Player (free) to rip music and save it as mp3 format. You can download Windows Media Player 11 (24.5 MB) for Windows XP OS from Microsoft website.

Assume you are using Windows Media Player 11 in Windows XP computer and have placed your music CD into your CD/DVD drive:
  1. Kindly click Start -> All Programs -> Windows Media Player.

  2. In Windows Media Player, kindly click the Rip button. Click the CD/DVD drive that you have placed your CD. Your list of song tracks will automatically appear and are all selected by default. You can uncheck those songs that you don't want to rip by clearing the check box next to the song. You can also use the check box at the top of the list to select or clear all check boxes.


  3. Before ripping, please click Rip -> More Options. You can change the rip music storing location, format (eg: mp3), audio quality, etc. Kindly click OK after you have changed your settings.


  4. Kindly click the Start Rip button to start ripping your selected songs.

    The first time you rip music, you are prompted to choose the format for the files being created. Please click one of the following options:
  • Keep my current format settings. This option keeps your current file format and audio quality level settings and immediately starts ripping the songs you selected to your computer. By default, Windows Media Player uses the Windows Media Audio (wma) format, which optimizes the balance between file size and sound quality.

  • Change my current format settings. Select this option if you want to change the format, bit rate, storage folder, or other options.

    After you click an option, click OK.

After the songs have been ripped, you can find and play them in your library.

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