"Boot command is disabled" error in OBP (Rev: 1.2)


When the Sun Fire V480 server with Solaris 9 Operating System (OS) is power on, the screen is blank for a long period of time (more than 15 minutes) before it finally show the diagnostic result and an ok prompt. I decided to upgrade the OS to Solaris 10. I placed the Solaris 10 5/2008 (SPARC) DVD into the DVD drive.

From the ok prompt,
ok boot cdrom
-> boot command is disabled


Although the Sun Fire V480 server switch is turned to the normal power on position, I suspected the server was in diagnostic mode during power on because it showed the diagnostic result and the diag-switch environment is set to true. Hence, I tried the below steps:

ok setenv diag-switch? false
ok reset-all

The server will auto reboot itself and boot to the ok prompt. This time, the diagnostic result is not shown. I tried the below:

ok boot cdrom

and the server boot from the DVD normally.

After installing the Solaris 10 OS, I change the diag-passes environment variable in the eeprom from 1 to 0 in order to make the server boot up faster:

# eeprom diag-passes=0

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