Crestar AirVAC 48" or 54" CSL05 or CSL06 with 3D Acrylic blade fans experience (Rev: 1.1)

I bought the below Crestar fans & light kits on Feb 2014:

- 3 x Crestar AirVAC 48" CSL05 with 3D Acrylic blade
- 1 x Crestar AirVAC 54" CSL06 with 3D Acrylic blade
- 4 x MD306 3L light kit

Both the Crestar AirVAC fan owner manual only has the fan installation without light kit guide. There is no Crestar fan installation with light kit guide, including Crestar website. The Crestar website has no online warranty registering service. I have to manually filled up all the 4 Crestar fan warranty cards & mailed it to them.

The Crestar fan remote control, RLT 48 for AirVAC 48" CSL05 and RLT 58 for AirVAC 58" CSL06 are optional items that you need to pay (S$85.60 including GST per set) for it. Crestar fan installation is charged at S$40.00 per unit.

Based on the Crestar fan installation manual that comes together with the Crestar fan, below is an email queries that I had sent to Crestar Fans (

1. Expansion screws & J Hook are given but did not mention on how to use them in the manual. Are these the mounting screws mention in step 4 on the install mounting bracket ? Do you know the usage of the expansion J Hook ?

2. In step 5, there is a orange wire but the electrical connections in step 10 (page 5) did not show how to connect this orange wire ? Do you know the usage of this orange wire ? Is the orange cable connect to the BROWN cable of the fan assembly using the wire connector ?

3. Do we fix the light kit under the Bottom Plate ? The light kit has a black & white wires. According to step 10 in page 5, we connect the light kit black (BLK) wire to the Fan Assembly BROWN wire using the wire connector, and the light kit white (WH) wire to the Fan Assembly BLUE wire, is it correct ?

4. In step 8B in page 4, do I need to attach bottom plate to fan since my fan equips with lighting ?

Below are the email reply from Crestar Enterprise Director, Jerald:

Hi jack,

I would advise you on engaging a qualified electrician to install the fan as all of your queries are electrical related.
If the installation is not done correctly, you might end up damaging the ceiling fan parts or components, as a result it might void the warranty as well. It is stated in the instruction Manual that installation should be done by a qualified electrician.
You can engage our installer to install as well. The installation is at $40 per unit. If you wish to engage our installation service, kindly provide us with your contact details and address.

Regards, Jerald
Crestar Enterprise Pte Ltd
Official Website | Facebook | Tel: 6254 9483
Blk 164 Kallang Way #05-21/25
Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate
Singapore 349248

After further email exchange, the answer to my queries from Jerald is as shown below:

As for your queries on the instruction manual, all expansion bolts are to be used as stated in step 4, so they are to be used for mounting the bracket into the concrete ceiling.

J hook is used to tie the safety wire from the motor to the concrete ceiling for extra safety.

The light kit is to be installed to the bottom cover of the fan.

There are 2 wires from the fan capacitor to connect to the light kit wires.
The black wire [JackNg: black wire from the light kit] is to be connected to the blue wire
[JackNg: blue wire (Neutral) from the Crestar fan] and
the white wire [JackNg: white wire from the light kit] is to be connected to the orange wire
[JackNg: orange wire (with a Light label) from the Crestar fan].

Anyway, before you buy any Crestar fan, please make sure you are willing to pay for the fan installation charge at S$40.00 per unit.

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Jack Ng said...

Before buying the ceiling fans, I am not concern about the electrical compatibility because the fan power supply is already compatible with Singapore power supply voltage (230 V).

In term of safety, always look for electrical appliances with certified safety mark (

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