Unpleasant free hosting website subscription encounter with x10hosting.com (Rev: 1.0)

I subscribed to x10hosting.com to setup a free hosting website because they have no forced advertisement with unmetered bandwidth and disk space. However, please note that the initial maximum allocated upload size is 500 MB per account. If your website requires more than 500 MB, you have to send a support request through cPanel after you have met these Account Upgrade Policy.

x10hosting.com has an inactivity rule that required the subscriber to access the x10Hosting Account Portal and authenticate his/her account at least once every 30 days. If you fail to do so, your free web hosting account will be removed to help them keep unnecessary costs down.

After signing up for a free hosting website at x10hosting.com, I encountered many different error messages during the FTP stages in different uploading dates:

220 You will be disconnected after 3 minutes of inactivity.

421 Timeout - try typing a little faster next time

421 Too many connections (2) from this IP

Connect failed. Error=0x80043106

MLST testing.html
550 Can't check for file existence

I checked the x10 Free Hosting forum and found that many people had also encountered those similar FTP problems. I sent at least 2 different FTP support request as the FTP error messages are different. After about 1 week, I finally manage to upload my files through FTP. However, I found that the index.html does not immediately work because the browser always display an advertisement on x10hosting.com instead of the content of the index.html. I created a support request and after a few days, I was told to clear my browser cache and index.html finally work as expected.

Till now, I always encountered FTP problem on cannot uploading my website files. My FTP client will keep on retrying to send the files over to the \html_public folder, and I will always get the below message:

MLST testing.html
550 Can't check for file existence

I suspect the main reason behind all these FTP nuisances is that x10hosting.com wants to force you to paid and upgrade to a premium account. As I am using a free web hosting account, I guess I have to keep on trying because sometimes the FTP works after trying for more than an hour. Ahhhh...

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