DriverPacks for Windows Vista/7 (x86) [Rev: 1.0]

Each DriverPack is a package of drivers for a particular category of hardware. More info from (Win7 x86 drivers). Please surf to download "md5deep and hashdeep" (for Windows OS) software to check the MD5 checksum.

Below are the DriverPacks for Windows Vista/7 (x86) only:

DriverPack Mass Storage v12.12.1 for Windows Vista/7 (x86)
DP_MassStorage_wnt6-x86_12121.7z (3,539,958 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: a69f69b8dbc4519f5cb49f841cd15e37

DriverPack Chipset v12.12 for Windows Vista/7 (x86)
DP_Chipset_wnt6-x86_1212.7z (5,350,217 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: c7688cba83ff4bbb13be70bfd504f3be

DriverPack LAN v12.08 for Windows Vista/7 (x86)
DP_LAN_wnt6-x86_1208.7z (10,062,195 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: dcebfb99ee92e73bd302205fbc8c0232

DriverPack WLAN v12.03 for Windows Vista/7 (x86)
DP_WLAN_wnt6-x86_1203.7z (16,064,224 bytes)
.7z MD5 checksum: 151cc74ff5e14e69a547fd4064d18bae

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