Windows key shortcuts (Rev: 1.2)

Shortcut keys for Windows 10 (v1.1) by Microsoft

If you are using Microsoft Windows Operating System with a Windows keyboard
Windows keyboard
(has a "Windows key"), you can use the below Windows key shortcuts:

Windows key (Show Start Menu)
Windows key + d (Minimize/Restore all windows)
Windows key + e (Open Windows Explorer)
Windows key + f (Open Windows Search)
Windows key+ L (Lock computer)
Windows key+ m (Minimize all windows)
Windows key+ r (Open Run dialog box)
Windows key+ u (Open Accessibility Utility)
Windows key + [Pause/Break] (Open System Properties dialog box)
Windows key + [F1] (Open Help & Support)


[1] Microsoft keyboard shortcuts for (old) Windows

[2] Microsoft shortcut keys for Windows 10

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